About Soft Steer

In the heart of technology’s evolution since 2017, Soft Steer pioneers with a commitment to unity, innovation, and forward motion. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we deliver bespoke IT solutions that help us build partnerships with businesses around the globe.

Who We Are

Soft Steer is a cohesive unit of professionals committed to surpassing the expectations of our partners. Our team of seasoned experts is united by the belief that the impossible is merely unattempted. At Soft Steer, we prioritize a learning environment where everyone promotes open communication and has the liberty to experiment and learn. Our culture strongly emphasizes appreciating individual contributions and completing tasks with dedication and teamwork.

Our Mission

“Leading the Digital Revolution with Unmatched Expertise”

Our mission at Soft Steer transcends conventional boundaries. It is to forge ahead in future pathways, set new benchmarks, and revolutionize businesses globally with our cutting-edge solutions.

Our Vision

“Shaping a Future Where Technology Creates Boundless Opportunities”

Our vision is to orchestrate a future where every solution we create makes a meaningful difference. We aim to simplify the complex and ensure that businesses thrive in a constantly evolving digital world.

Digital Solutions We Love

Global Access

We champion projects that transcend borders, ensuring rapid and widespread deployment.

Cloud Services

A vast spectrum of cloud solutions we offer, designed for seamless, cost-effective online integration.

Online Payments

Navigate the future of transactions with reliable online payment solutions supported by steadfast service providers.


Leverage top-tier Web APIs to enhance your web server functionalities. Unlock new possibilities with our cutting-edge technology.

Our Culture

At Soft Steer, our “People First” philosophy is not just a slogan; it’s the heartbeat of our culture. We emphasize innovation, nurture talent, and champion trust, transparency, well-being, balance, and diversity.