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The services we provide improve each business without fault. Creating something with a twist, that uses creativity with one-of-a-kind results!


Complex Web Applications

Our services empower the trust built between web applications such as programs that enhance communications related to businesses and their clientele. Also, offering a wide range of bespoke applications based on web programs that are either friendly for mobile, web-based or a hybrid of both.




A fully comprehensive e-commerce site that maintains relationships and conducts business transactions that include the process of selling information, services, goods and other means by telecommunication networks.



Consumer Software

A form of commercial software that is sold to end-users as products or services. This classification of software is always based on applications as apposed to a system. Aimed individuals rather than an organization.


Never Say Never
Because Limits,
Like Fears, Are
Often Just



Soft Steer strives to integrate tech-based solutions through modern day life. Enhancing customers and business owners alike, while bringing professionalism and experience throughout. From services of Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Web Development and so much more, we can strengthen any business while striving for success.

Web Development

Developmental ideas and technologies that enhance web solutions such as programming, software development, web applications, and other forms of important web technology.

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Quality Assurance

Our leading QA specialists vigorously test each software and product, through each quality stage to meet all requirements related to the industry.

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App Development

Working primarily with mobile devices to create, program and test apps on different mobile platforms.

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Graphic Designing

Focusing on creating visual concepts using comprehensive design software that will help to inspire, inform and captivate the mass audience.

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team focuses primarily on connectivity with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication.

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Business Analysis

Assessing each level of data; current or past to improve products and software with the latest functionalities and technological advancements in mind.

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Build perfect websites, beautifully handcrafted templates for your website

Business hand in hand with our technology


We strive to provide insightful knowledge and expertise that enhances our end-user experience. Our company is the leading software company that many businesses use, all over the globe. Satisfying each customer and business through multiple varieties.


We ensure to be transparent to our customers and end-users. Which enables us to build a rapport and encourage a good relationship without our loyal customer base.


Our company is known for its reliable solutions that build each business and help them grow.


We deliver each software on time and ensure nothing is amiss during this process. Time to market and efficiency is integrated within our company’s core.